Published on Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019 by Larry Morrison


The reason for this blog posting is to allow anyone to follow along with the major activities of Cleanflo Water Tech and thereby increasing participation by encouraging interest.

Green living is now becoming a way of life for many people. People who are conscious of their carbon footprint and seeking methods of reducing their impact on the environment and climate.

Introduction to Cleanflo Water Technologies

January 2019

Cleanflo Water Technologies is engaged by Ikea Canada to design, supply and install a new in store rainwater system including, pumping, filtering, sterilizing, controlling, and monitoring.

Ikea of Richmond British Columbia is an environmental leader, they have installed a Rainwater Harvesting system to supply water for toilet flushing. For this project Cleanflo designed and installed a unique skid system incorporating the various components required to achieve the goal of supplying rainwater sufficient to operate a large retail store. Cleanflo used two 80 gallon per minute Franklin pumps controlled by two variable frequency drives, a 110 gallon pressure tank, one 3” Mini-Sigma self cleaning debris filter, two 160 GPM bag filters in stainless steel canisters, four 50 gallon per minute stainless steel ultraviolet (30MJ/cm2) sterilization chambers (UV Dynamics), controlled by a UL508A Listed (cULus) custom Cleanflo industrial control panel. The system can be monitored and controlled remotely.

Designed and Assembled at Cleanflo Water Technologies, Craik SK, Canada

February 2019

Cleanfo Water Technologies is engaged by Phoenix Petroleum of Dartmouth Nova Scotia to supply a pre-designed rainwater harvesting system for single toilet flushing. Designs specified that the 100 gallon polyethylene storage tank be inside the building and be elevated enough to allow gravity water flow to the toilet reservoir. By using a stainless steel downspout filter and calming inlet Cleanflo achieved a maintenance free outcome. The clean rainwater supply passes from the downspout filter mounted on the exterior through the wall and into the tank. A multipurpose overflow device is mounted in the tank to allow overflow to pass safely out through the wall and to the exterior while keeping pests out.

Assembled at Cleanflo Water Technologies, Craik SK, Canada

March 2019

Tiny house system to Kingston. Cleanflo has been commissioned to supply and install a rainwater harvesting system for a tiny house including complete “safe for drinking” certified roofing, eavestrough and downspouts.