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Cleanflo's Mission

To provide clean and safe water to all Canadians.

Cleanflo's Specialties and Products

Water system installed in a home with water well. Water systemf for laundry. Water systems for potable water systems. For home and cistern systems; add water treatment to your system for safe clean water.
Rainwater harvesting system installed in a home. House collecting rainwater in a water cistern. Rainwater harvesting systems for whole homes. Rainwater harvesting for any building; collect the rainwater from your roof top and store it in a specialized tank, use it for anything.
Septic system installed in a home. House stores sewage from in a septic tank. Septic system with leach field. Most homes and businesses need septic systems; easy to install fibreglass septic tanks and deep burial construction for extra strength


Rainwater harvesting systems, water systems, septic systems are professionally designed.Professionally Designed Systems

Anyone can sell you parts. Cleanflo provides complete systems with engineered designs.

  • Designs are complete blueprints of your systems
  • Pre-Designed and Engineered Systems
  • Meets all building codes
  • Integrate into a new build or renovation
  • Ready to use designs with Example Calculations

Rainwater harvesting systems, water systems, and septic systems include support and consultation.Support and Consultation

Staff is available to answer question and assist you in your installation.

  • Cleanflo takes pride and care in customer service
  • Professional support to customers
  • Cleanflo employs a Water Resources Engineering Technologist
  • Consultation service residential and commercial
  • Provide project cost analysis

Rainwater harvesting systems, water systems, and septic systems are priced competitively.Competitive Pricing

Cleanflo's products, matched with in-house design services, make the most affordable solutions.

  • About our products and priced competitively
  • Pre-designed and pre-built systems reduce cost
  • Family business
  • Canadian owned and operated
  • Exclusive dealer of products


Customer Support Icon | Cleanflo offers customer support for owners of our systems.

Cleanflo provides on going support to the owners and operators of our rainwater harvesting systems.

We want to hear from you. Please submit any questions, suggestions, or general feedback with the form below. Don't forget your name and e-mail address.

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