Cleanflo's Authorized Installers

Cleanflo's network of qualified installers is here to serve you better. When your rainwater harvesting or water treatment system is installed by a qualified installer, an extended warranty on the workmanship is available for the life of the system providing you peace of mind.

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Our mission

is to ensure all Canadians have access to clean and safe drinking water.

  • Experience Cleanflo has been in business since 1985

  • Professionalism Cleanflo invests heavily in customer satisfaction

  • Knowledge Cleanflo has a strong knowledgebase

  • Originality Cleanflo is an industry innovator

  • Suppliers Cleanflo works with suppliers across Canada

  • Product Cleanflo's products are industry standard

Cleanflo has the industry expertise to make your rainwater harvesting or water treatment project a success.

Cleanflo has experience designing and installing rainwater harvesting and water treatment systems across Canada for residential and commercial projects. Cleanflo's complete systems are designed to fit your project, and your budget.

The majority of Cleanflo’s customers face water access issues (i.e. hauling water for long distances) or water quality issues (i.e. too much iron in the water). These rainwater harvesting systems and water treatment systems integrate into a new build or renovation and can also be retrofitted to existing buildings.

Cleanflo takes pride in managing all your water needs from conception to installation and supplying complete professionally custom-designed systems and engineered designs that meet all building codes. Cleanflo doesn’t simply sell you parts and walk away.

Professional consultation, support and customer service are available throughout the entire process to ensure you are comfortable with your new system. Matched with Cleanflo’s in-house design services, Cleanflo's products are the most affordable solutions to your water issues, as pre-designed and pre-built systems reduce costs.