Ultraviolet water treatment system with wall mount and cartridge filter for prefiltration of water. UV water treatment systems can disinfect water for less.

Cleanflo's UV water treatment systems are easy to install, and easy to maintain. UV water treatment can serve as a chemical-free alternative to chlorine for disinfecting water.

What is a UV water treatment system?

A UV water treatment system is a device designed to pass water near a ultra-violet light source in order to disinfect the water of biological contamination. These systems require suitably clean water so the UV can hit everything in the water column. UV water treatment systems are the most cost effective form a water disinfection in residential settings.

Ultraviolet disinfection systems destory 99.9999% of biological organisms present in the water without the use of chemicals, like chlorine. UV disinfection removes E.coli, coliform, viruses, algae, mold, and others, from water sources. UV disinfection systems are effective against protozoan such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia.

What is the benefit of UV water treatment?

Bacterial contamination can be present in all water supplies – especially in areas without access to treated municipal water systems. Well or lake water should not be consumed without adequate microbiological treatment, regardless of how it is tested.

UV Disinfection Sterilizers protect your family by sterilizing water and neutralizing harmful bacteria and viruses so they can no longer reproduce.

This system is a great non-chemical alternative to chlorination and imparts no residual chemicals in drinking water.