Water system installed in a home with water well. Water systemf for laundry. Water systems for potable water systems. For home and cistern systems; add water treatment to your system for safe clean water.

Using a water treatment system will eliminate your water quality issues. Cleanflo has the experience and product lines that can treat your water to the quality you need. Treated water tastes better, smells better, is probably healthier, and you will enjoy drinking it.

What is a water treatment system?

A water treatment system is any device that improves water quality through filtering, chemical reactions, and other technologies. The most common point of use water treatment systems are water softeners and under-the-sink reverse osmosis systems.

Water treatment is the process of removing visible and microscopic contamination from water to ensure it is healthy and of high quality for its intended use. Water from wells, rainwater, and ground sources may have variety of contaminants and should receive treatment accordingly. Identifying the contaninants in the water through water samples will dictate the best method of treatment.

Do I need a water treatment system?

Whether you need a water treatment system is either a matter of preference, or a matter of life-and-death depending on the source your water comes from. The best way to determine if you need a water treatment system is to get a water test from an accredited water testing lab.

Water quality is an issue for a large number of Canadians. According to watertoday.ca, a website dedicated to monitoring water advisories across Canada, nearly 900 communities are under a boil water advisory as of April of 2017. An additional 48 communities are advised not to consume their water at all. These numbers don’t include those facing other water quality issues like the presence of iron and sulfur.


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Iron and Sulphur filter in silver canisters. Remove hardness and rotten egg smell from your water easily with the iron and sulphur filters.

Cleanflo has years of experience solving water quality issues for our customers all across Canada. If you are experiencing problems with your water, and would like it solved, contact Cleanflo for a solution today.

Iron & Sulphur

Using water with iron and sulphur contamination is objectively unpleasant. Water with iron will stain almost anything it comes in contact with and sulphur smells strongly like rotten eggs. Unsurprisingly, iron and sulphur contamination are the two most commonly cited water quality issues Cleanflo's customers face. Cleanflo has several options for iron and sulphur removal from water.

High Turbidity

Cloudiness or haziness in water supply caused by individual particles or suspended solids which are not individually visible. High turbidity can be unpleasant to see and may carry viruses or bacteria; and can even shield viruses and bacteria from disinfection by UV light. High tubidity is a basic indication of unhealthy water, and should be treated before usage.

Tannins, Nitrates, and Heavy Metals

There are lots of potential water quality issues anyone can face, some are potentially very dangerous, and Cleanflo has the technology for the job. Cleanflo's team can build the water treatment solution you need.