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What are Water Systems?

  • Anyone not located within utility service limits needs an on-site water system

  • This is quite often accomplished by hauling water a great expense; or drilling an expensive well with uncertain results.

  • Cleanflo has the experience and product lines to make accessing water as cheap as possible for those populations.


Water cisterns are vessels for holding water. They are most often protected from frost by burial or heat. These are commonly used on farms, acreages, or anywhere potable water is in short supply. Cisterns are filled by hauling water, from low producing wells, or with auxiliary rainwater. Hauling water can be cost prohibitive making auxiliary rainwater systems an attractive addition.

Auxilliary Rainwater

Auxiliary rainwater systems are designed to collect water in a cistern for immediate usage, storage, or treatment. Rainwater is generally much cleaner than groundwater sources. It rains so often in some locations that rainwater can supply all of your water demands. However, rain events are unpredictable, rain often isn’t a suitable primary source of water in some regions.

Water Treatment

Water treatment is the process of removing visible and microscopic contamination from water to ensure it is healthy and of high quality for its intended use. Water from wells, rainwater, and ground sources may have variety of contaminants and should receive treatment. Identifying the contaninants in the water through water samples will dictate the best method of treatment.


What type of water system do I need?

Water systems are designed based on the location and size of the property, the density of the ground material, volume of water used daily, and the intended usages. Cleanflo will work with you to determine the most affordable, effective, and thoughtfully designed water system based on local regulations.

Water system uses - Irrigation | Water systems can be used for irrigation.
Water system uses - Gardening | Water systems can be used for gardening water.
Water system uses - Toilet Flushing | Water systems can be used for toilet water.
Water system uses - Laundry Machine | Water systems can be used for laundry water.
Rainwater harvesting uses - Potable Water | Water systems can be used for potable water.
Potable Water

Cistern Systems

Cistern systems can be the easiest and cheapest to install but the most expensive to fill with water, though they can be designed with a rainwater auxiliary system to offset hauling costs. Poly cisterns come in surface and shallow burial tanks, while fibreglass tanks can be buried deep. Both buried and surface tanks can be used as cisterns if freezing is avoided by burying below the frost depth, heating, or decommissioning for winter.

Besides the tank, other components required for a cistern are a high quality water pump, connective piping, fittings, and if buried it needs a manway to the surface. Cleanflo’s pre-designed packages are ready to buy and easy to install.

Auxiliary Rainwater Systems

Rainwater can be harvested and stored for a variety of uses in residential, commercial and agricultural settings. It is a renewable, sustainable, high quality and free water source available to anyone. Almost pH neutral and free of additives, rainwater is cleaner water than water obtained from ground sources.

Given this, rainwater is an ideal replacement for or supplement to conventional treated municipal water or well water. Filtered rainwater has a variety of uses, and depending on how it is filtered and treated, it can be used for outdoor irrigation, for indoor laundry and toilet flushing, and finally for drinking and cooking.

Cleanflo designs and installs small to large-scale rainwater harvesting systems. A rainwater harvesting system is essentially a large-scale rain barrel that is integrated right into a building’s infrastructure. These systems are built to code (local, provincial and national).

Water Treatment

Water quality is an issue for a number of Canadians. Many Canadians access their water through municipal treated water systems or wells, while others must either haul water and store it. According to watertoday.ca, a website dedicated to monitoring water advisories across Canada, nearly 1,100 communities are under a boil water advisory as of June 2017. Cleanflo’s products include solutions for water hardness, bacterial contamination, a line of filters for (Iron, Sulphur, Nitrate, Turbidity, Chlorine, Tannins, Lead, Arsenic, Uranium) total water cleanliness. To obtain the purest possible water Clean Flo provides 7-Stage reverse osmosis filtration systems.

Cleanflo is a proud supplier of built-in-Canada products from Ontario’s Excalibur Water Systems that have been selected to meet the water treatment needs of Canadians from coast to coast.