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What are residential water systems?

Water System installed on a home. Water from almost any source can be treated on-site to almost any quality. Cleanflo sells easy to install water treatment systems.

In this case, a residential water system is the parts required to get water into a buildings plumbing system. This might include a cistern(storage tank), a pump, a water treatment system, and controllers, to name a few.

Water Treatment

Canadians use alot of water, at home and at work. Water is also a natural resource that everyone relies on for survival. Many Canadians have access to treated water from a municipal source, while most Canadians in rural areas must either use well water, or haul and store it.

The number of Canadians that face water quality issues is very large. According to; approximately 1,100 communities are facing water quality issues, including boil water advisories and do not consume orders. These numbers don't include those facing water quality issues like the presence of iron or sulphur.

Cleanflo's water treatment systems are built for you, and the water quality issues that you face. Cleanflo will design your system with the parts that you need; water softeners, sediment filters, carbon block filters, reverse osmosis filters, UV disinfection, and so much more.


What is water treatment?

Water treatment is the process of cleaning a water source for a specific use. The required measures to treat the water are dictated by the quality of the water before treatment and the desired quality after treatment.

Iron and Sulphur

Using water with iron and sulphur contamination is objectively unpleasant. Water with iron will stain almost anything it comes in contact with and sulphur smells strongly like rotten eggs. Unsurprisingly, iron and sulphur contamination are the two most commonly cited water quality issues Cleanflo's customers face. Cleanflo has several options for iron and sulphur removal from water.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

A high quality reverse osmosis system can remove almost any contamination in a water source. Whether using well water, hauled water, or even municipally treated water, a reverse osmosis system can purify your water to a quality that is drinkable. The resulting water is extremely soft, and pure. Depending on the initial quality of water will dictate the system required to treat the water to a desired quality.

Water Softeners

Water softeners are used to either remove, or reduce the amount of unsoluble contamination in a water source. The exact method of removal or reduction depends on the type of contamination and the concentration. Water softeners can remove iron, chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and others.

Full Filtration Systems

Full backwashing filtration systems can remove almost any contamination type from nitrates/nitrites, lead, arsenic, uranium, acidity, and tannins. Backwashing filtration systems only cost about $3/year to power, and are self-cleaning so you don't have to replace the filtration medium as often.

UV Disinfection Systems

Ultraviolet disinfection systems destory 99.9999% of biological organisms present in the water without the use of chemicals, like chlorine. UV disinfection removes E.coli, coliform, viruses, algae, mold, and others, from water sources. UV disinfection systems are effective against protozoan such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia.