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UV Dynamics 20.2 GPM NSF 20.40C, 1" MIPT x 1" MIPT



UV Dynamics 20.2 GPM NSF 20.40C

1" MIPT x 1" MIPT

This Class A system conforms to NSF/ANSI 55 for the disinfection of microbiologically contaminated water that meets all other public health standards. The system is not intended to convert wastewater or raw sewage to drinking water. The system is intended to be installed on visually clear water.

NSF/ANSI 55 defines wastewater to include human and/or animal body waste, toilet paper, and any other material intended to be deposited in a receptacle designed to receive urine and/or feces (blackwaste); and other waste materials deposited in plumbing fixtures (grey waste).

If this system is used for treatment of untreated surface waters or ground water under the direct influence of surface water, a device found to be in conformance for cyst reduction under the appropriate NSF/ANSI standard shall be in stalled upstream of the system.


  • UVD/P400467 - Surge Protector. A Surge Protector helps protect your UV power supply from frequent power outages, surges, brown out conditions or electrical storm activity. Recommended for use with all UV Dynamics installations.
  • VA/D20 - 20 GPM Flow Control. Flow controls are used to maintain a defined flow rate regardless of pressure variations of the supply line.

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