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Franklin Submersible 10 HP, 230v, 1ph, 3 Wire, 6" Well Pump Motor



Franklin Submersible 10 HP, 230v, 1ph, 3 Wire, 6" Well Pump Motor (226 1128 020)

Franklin's 6-inch and 8-inch submersible motors are typically used in large demanding water wells requiring high flow rates or deeper installations. These motors are tough, built to last, and come in a variety of construction options:

  • Standard - for most water wells
  • Sand Fighter - for wells with high levels of abrasives
  • Hi-Temp - for hot water and other harsh conditions
  • Stainless Steel - for aggressive water

These motors provide large amounts of water for irrigation, community water systems, and factories where large flows or pressures are required. We understand how important it is to produce reliable systems to avoid significant costs due to failure or downtime.

  • Full 3450 RPM, 60 Hz design point
  • Maximum temperature winding wire NEMA class 200
  • Double flange design
  • Stainless steel splined shaft
  • Hermetically-sealed stator
  • Resin encapsulated windings
  • Stainless steel shell
  • Epoxy coated end frames
  • Filter check valve
  • Kingsbury-type water-lubricated thrust bearing
  • Pressure-equalizing diaphragm
  • 3-lead & 6-lead (wye-delta) configurations
  • Pre-filled with temperature-resistant fill solution
  • Sand fighting slinger
  • Removable Water Bloc lead
  • Copper bar rotor
  • Carbon ceramic rotating face seal
  • Franklin-manufactured control boxes available for single-phase motors


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