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Floating Filter 1200-micron for 1-1/4" suction hose


Rainwater harvesting floating filter for 1-14-inch suction hose with stainless steel coarse-screened canister. The floating filter ensures the pump is drawing water from the top 8-inches of the water supply; this is where the water is cleanest. The stainless steel screen has a 1200-micron mesh to prevent clogs in the pump. The float ball is made of polyethylene so it is water safe. Suction hose is NOT included.

Floating filters are an extremely important part for rainwater harvesting systems. Without a floating filter the pump is subject to potential clogs from settled particles in the bottom of the tank, floating particles at the surface of the water, and other problems too.

  • Prevents particles from entering the pump line.
  • Made of water-safe stainless steel and polyethylene
  • 1200-micron filter mesh


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