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Solar Dial Rain Barrel Irrigation Timer



Solar Dial Rain Barrel Irrigation Timer

This Solar powered, 2-Dial Timer is installed between your rain barrel and garden hose and automatically allows watering based on your preset frequency and duration. Rain sensor automatically shuts down the timer in the event of rain.

  • ****Solar Panel Built in Rain Sensor* Solid Cover
  • Preset Programs* *****AA Batteries Low Battery Indicator light* Mesh Filter Washer* Operating Temperature: 40F-110F* Operating Pressure 0-80 PSI (No pressure needed for operation)* Dial Display* Programming (Easy to set 2 Dial Settings) :
  • How Long: 5 Min to 3 Days* How Often: 15 Sec. to 60 Min

Warranty: 90 Days

*******Extra Filtration Recommended

Weather Proof (not water proof, do not submerge unit in water)

***** Solar = AA Rechargeable Batteries are re-charged via the sun. Timer operation is 247.

****** When using AA Rechargeable Batteries in conjunction with the solar panel, be sure batteries are fully charged the first time. AA Alkaline may be used, but will not recharge.

******* A 200 mesh filter is recommended before the timer when used with zero pressure.


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