A correctly size rainwater tank will determine how much water you can collect with your rainwater harvesting system. The tank sizing service will analyze your property and project to determine the best rainwater tank for your system.

What is the tank sizing service?

The tank sizing service will help pick the best tank for your rainwater harvesting project. Since the tank is the most expensive part of a rainwater harvesting system, picking the best one can save you thousands of dollars.

By analyzing 55 years of location-specific daily rainfall data, Cleanflo can determine the maximum potential volume of rainwater that is actually usable based on:

  • Daily Rainfall Data
  • Water Demand
  • Storage Tank Volume

In real world scenarios a system can never reach ‘maximum potential’ because there is loss from the roof, pre-filter, and tank overflow events. Also, the size of rainwater storage tank and how much water is used daily from the tank play an important role in determining how much rainwater you can actually collect and use. Actual useable rainwater forms the basis to determine 'return on investment', because determining the smallest tank size that will collect the most water based on the three criteria listed above, will significantly impact the total cost of your rainwater harvesting system.

What does the report include?

The Rainwater Hydrology Report is 9 Pages and provides a complete picture of the systems hydrology, including breakdowns of all the major sections.

  1. Cover Page
  2. Project Details
  3. Rainwater Demand - Indoor
  4. Rainwater Demand - Outdoor
  5. Tank Sizing
  6. Tank Performance Details
  7. Tank Performance Analysis
  8. Rainwater Demand Daily
  9. Tank Overflow Analysis