When installing a rainwater harvesting system or water treatment system, it is always best to have a design. With a complete design, the installation will be easier and more successful.

What is the design service?

Cleanflo offers a professional design service for rainwater harvesting systems, or water treatment systems, for residential and commercial projects. Cleanflo specializes in rainwater harvesting systems that are used for irrigation, toilet, laundry, potable drinking water, fire suppression, and stormwater retention.

Rainwater harvesting systems are often either, under-designed resulting in an inefficient system or even a broken system, or they are over-designed resulting in an over-budget proposal. Cleanflo uses its years of experience to design the system you want, and keep it within budget.

Who uses the design service?

  • Customers unsure where to start. Cleanflo's design services will provide you a “tender ready” rainwater design package so you can get quotes from your builder or contractors, or have Cleanflo handle the installation for a fee.
  • Homeowners who are building a new house. Cleanflo's designs will makes sure the system meets local building codes and is properly integrated into your property.
  • Architects or engineers who are planning on designing a rainwater harvesting system into their project.
  • Homebuilders or contractors who have clients that want a rainwater harvesting system.

Why choose Cleanflo to design my system?

  • Professional Designs.
  • Opportunity to determine roadblocks before installation.
  • Designed to meet your water conservation needs.
  • Accurate installation budget for designed rainwater harvesting systems.
  • Cleanflo offers installation services to have your project completed by the design team.

Residential Designs

Residential Design packages provide a straightforward process to design a rainwater harvesting system or water treatment system into your project. The design packages include plans that will allow you to install the system, or give them to your home-builder or contractor to install for you, or bring them back to Cleanflo to manage your installation.

Commercial Designs

Cleanflo's Commercial Design packages will employ a straightforward and simple process of designing a rainwater harvesting system or water treatment system into your project. These designs will provide you with a complete engineered design of your rainwater harvesting system or water treatment system that is integrated into your building design. You longer have to come up with adequate designs on our own. Eliminate unknowns from your design plans and get a accurate contractor bids.