Building rainwater harvesting systems and water treatment systems is tough, that is why Cleanflo offers consultation to homeowners and business owners who want to plan a rainwater harvesting system or water treatment system into their building or project.

What is the Consultation Service?

Cleanflo offers a consultation service for rainwater harvesting systems, or water treatment systems, for residential and commercial projects. Cleanflo specializes in rainwater harvesting systems that are used for irrigation, toilet, laundry, potable drinking water, fire suppression, and stormwater retention.

By using the consultation service by Cleanflo, you will get advice from a rainwater harvesting specialist who can provide suggestions, on products, layout, and basic installation instructions, that will meet your budget. Cleanflo's consultation service will take the guess work out of your rainwater harvesting project and help finish your project on time.

Who uses the consultation service?

  • Customers unsure where to start. Cleanflo's consultation service will provide you enough knowledge and a set of products that will work for your rainwater harvesting or water treatment project, so you can finish planning your build.
  • Homeowners who are building a new house. Cleanflo's consultation will ensure the system meets your needs and budget, and offer suggestions on layout.
  • Architects or engineers who are planning on designing a rainwater harvesting system into their project.
  • Homebuilders or contractors who have clients that want a rainwater harvesting system.