Rainwater harvesting integrated rainwater tank system part - Floating Filter - A drawing of a floating filter in a rainwater collection tank; the parts are described with arrows pointing to them.

A floating filter ensures the pump is always drawing rainwater from the best location in the tank. A floating filter also prevents floating debris from clogging the pump. A floating filter cannot be used with most submersible pumps.

What is a floating filter?

The floating filter acts more as an elevated uptake point for the pump than as a filter. Due to the pre-filtration of the water prior to entering the tank, the floating filter should never clog. The floating filter floats on the surface with the uptake point 4 -6” below the surface of the water. This is where water is the highest quality in the tank. Any particles have either floated to the surface or settled to the bottom.

The filter should never require maintenance, but it will still be accessible without entry into tank. This component is made of stainless steel and polypropylene and will not leach to contaminate the water supply.