Rainwater harvesting integrated rainwater tank system part - Calming Inlet - A drawing of a calming inlet in a rainwater collection tank; lines drawn on the image point descriptions to the associated parts.

A calming inlet will help keep the rainwater in your rainwater tank crystal clear. By preventing the incoming water from disturbing fine sediment settled in the tank, your rainwater stays cleaner.

What is a calming inlet?

The pre-filter removes most of the solid particles and bacteria before entering the tank, as the only particles getting into the tank are smaller than 320 or 280 microns, for the downspout and centralized filter models respectively. These particles will form as biofilm on the bottom of the tank. This biofilm is beneficial for the tank and it may remove additional bacteria and metal from the water.

The calming inlet is designed to prevent agitation of the biofilm on the storage tank’s floor when additional water is collected. This is accomplished by directing the water inlet upward, which reduces the inflowing water velocity so the turbulence does not rotate water on the bottom 4-8 inches of the tank. This component is made of stainless steel and will not leach to contaminate the water supply.