Rainwater harvesting on commercial structures provided by Cleanflo provides economic and environmental advantages.The demands of commercial water users is generally significant, therefore commercial rainwater harvesting systems have a greater impact due to the volume gathering capabilities of large roof surfaces.

As these large rainwater harvesting systems are integrated right into a building’s infrastructure, they are considered mechanical systems and require multiple building permits (electrical, plumbing, structural, etc.). Cleanflo takes care of supplying the required engineered drawings for permitting purposes. These drawings can be purchased in conjunction with a system, or by engineers, architects and other design professionals as stand-alone documents. Complete system drawings can then be worked directly into project plans.

The Cleanflo team can also incorporate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria into rainwater harvesting projects and can maximize LEED points related to rainwater harvesting and storm water management. They also provide support for clients desiring green building credits through the LEED program by incorporating credits under the following criteria:

  • Water use reduction.

  • Innovative wastewater technology.

  • Stormwater design; quality control.

  • Water efficiency; landscaping.

  • Innovation in design.