This rainwater harvesting system is designed to be the primary source for potable water, with a backup water source of hauled water. Based on the initial analysis this system can harvest approximately 90,000 litres annually. The home was built in a remote location making rainwater a survival necessity. Due to the remote nature of this home the tanks were transporter over the frozen lake in the winter with sled and snowmobile. This home uses solar power only and our rainwater system is built to meet the strict requirements of a solar system.

As this is a potable drinking water system Cleanflo took a very close look at the materials being used, to prevent any contamination leaching into the harvested rain water. Cleanflo specifies and provides products and materials that are certified NSF 61 or NSF P151. NSF, National Sanitation Foundation, is internationally recognized to provide standard for sanitation and food safety requirements. The above listed standards ensure materials in contact with your rainwater will not leach any contamination.

Cleanflo provided a complete rainwater system package and professional design which allowed this home to be built Rain Water Harvesting ready so that there were no additional costs in re-working conventional building facilities to fit our Rain Water Harvesting System. It allowed the variety of contractors to work seamlessly together and to prevent any roadblocks before installation and prevents associated extra costs of re-working.