Ontario - Irrigation

"Cleanflo provided professional designs, supplied a state of the art rainwater reuse system and complete the installation on time."
-- Hamid

Nova Scotia - Drinking Water

"We wanted a professional to put together a design package that we could supply to our builder, and that’s exactly what we got from Cleanflo Water Technologies."
-- Craig

Quebec - Drinking Water

"I bought a rain water harvesting system from Cleanflo for my cottage; Our needs were evaluated. The submission was detailed.The hardware is first class. The installation instructions and maintenance instructions are thorough. We will be installing the system in spring, as my cottage is off the-grid and only accessible by boat or snowmobile. Here are a few pictures of the cottage and tanks carried over the lake by snowmobile."
-- Hugo

Saskatchewan - Drinking Water/Agriculture

"We were building and needed to put in all services. All the wells in the area were dug to at least 400 feet and neighbours had told us the quality wasn’t great. It just made sense to harvest rainwater from the roof to use throughout our house and yard. I pay for filters, but that cost is less than a standard monthly water bill. Plus, you don’t actually realize how great it tastes until you drink other water."
-- Jenine

Alberta - Drinking Water/Agriculture

This rainwater harvesting system is designed to be the primary source for potable water, with a backup water source of hauled water. Based on the initial analysis this system can harvest approximately 205,100 litres annually. The system harvest....

British Columbia - Outdoor Shower

"Cleanflo was a big help to us in setting up a rainwater system for our guesthouse. They were available for questions, sent the parts promptly and was professional in all our dealings with them. We love our new rainwater system, especially the outdoor shower!"
-- Gwenyth