This rain management system is a commercial style stormwater system catching storm water from the back patio to prevent flooding of the restaurant. As Greater Toronto increases stormwater management regulations, as most larger municipalities across Canada do the same, state of the art storm water system become a building requirement. Cleanflo system collects stormwater and discharges it safely in the alley, with controlled release, PLC control panel, and precautions in the event for power outages.

Cleanflo provided a complete Design, Build approach to the stormwater system. This allowed the entire project to be budgeted very easily as Cleanflo provided a single point of contact to the builder. This approach also allowed the building to to be built “Stormwater Ready” ready so that there were no additional costs in re-working conventional building facilities to fit our System.

As we commonly face the issue of stormwater retention systems and as they continue to build with impermeable surfaces, and cities continue to pass bylaws regarding maximum stormwater runoff. As this problem grows in scope, Cleanflo will work to deliver systems and designs that address this problem as a first-class concern, because, more often than not, this issue is regarded as an afterthought.