This rain harvesting system is a commercial style system catching water from the roof, prior to discharge into the city's storm drain system. This begins at the stormwater discharge of the building at 2.5 meters below grade. This discharge carries the entire roofs stormwater to the custom underground horizontal fibreglass tank below the frost line. The overflow of the tank diverts directly into the city’s storm drain system.

This project required coordinating the efforts of several experts such as architects, engineers, University staff, and an on site contractor. Some obstacles that Cleanflo overcame with this project included being brought on to the job late, after the building was completed, while certain in-building utilities causing radioactivity concerns prevented Cleanflo’s entry into the building to complete a full inspection. The landscape had a severe slope near the tank location giving only a narrow window to place the tank without compromising the building's structure, given this Cleanflo decided to employ a civil engineer to complete a geotechnical report to ensure a proper installation position. Lastly the above obstacles caused multiple changes to the original design in order to meet the budget.