Cleanflo specializes in designing, supplying, and installing innovative and proven products specifically engineered for residential and commercial settings. Not only does Cleanflo have years of experience working with architects, engineers and other design professionals, the team is experienced and educated in water resource engineering technology and are accredited American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association professionals.

Cleanflo can manage the entire process, from consultation to design to installation. Our project management services can accommodate and deliver your project in a timely manner. Cleanflo is dedicated to fulfilling the goals of our clients.

Water Systems

Cleanflo provides the complete solution for onsite water systems. From Cistern System to safely store water on site for when you need it. As well as water treatment systems to treat well or surface water. To say that water is a constant thread in our lives would be an understatement. Canadians use water several times a day at home and at work. From the moment we rise, have coffee and brush our teeth, to cooking and eating meals throughout the day, to cleaning, washing and bathing, to gardening, watering and playing – water is constant.

Not only do we use it around the clock, water is our most precious resource that we rely on for our very survival. Many Canadians access their water through municipal treated water systems or wells, while others must either haul water and store it.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting on commercial structures provided by Cleanflo provides economic and environmental advantages.The demands of commercial water users is generally significant, therefore commercial rainwater harvesting systems have a greater impact due to the volume gathering capabilities of large roof surfaces.

As these large rainwater harvesting systems are integrated right into a building’s infrastructure, they are considered mechanical systems and require multiple building permits (electrical, plumbing, structural, etc.). Clean Flo takes care of supplying the required engineered drawings for permitting purposes. These drawings can be purchased in conjunction with a system, or by engineers, architects and other design professionals as stand-alone documents. Complete system drawings can then be worked directly into project plans.

The Cleanflo team can also incorporate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria into rainwater harvesting projects and can maximize LEED points related to rainwater harvesting and storm water management. They also provide support for clients desiring green building credits through the LEED program by incorporating credits under the following criteria:

  • Water use reduction.

  • Innovative wastewater technology.

  • Stormwater design; quality control.

  • Water efficiency; landscaping.

  • Innovation in design.

Septic Systems

Cleanflo provides systems to store and treat wastewater. Cleanflo systems are long term, structurally strong, water tight, and cost effective options. Whether it’s a packaged system, or a customized solution, Cleanflo can develop designs to meet your requirements. Cleanflo collaborates with its clients to deliver innovative decentralized wastewater treatment systems that are sure to fit the project needs.

In recent years sustainable wastewater treatment practices that produce a high quality output effluent have emerged and continue to evolve. This allows decentralized systems to be installed in a wider range of applications while still meeting the regulatory requirements set out by the relevant jurisdictions. Cleanflo can answer any of your questions. Contact us for more information or to book a consultation.