The 'Rainwater Harvesting System Rebate'

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  • Collect rainwater from your house and receive upto $2000.

  • The city of Guelph Ontario offers a rebate program for homes and businesses with rainwater harvesting systems.

  • The program entitles upto a $400 rebate for seasonal-outdoor rainwater harvesting systems.

  • The program entitles upto a $2000 rebate for all-season indoor-outdoor rainwater harvesting systems.

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The rebate program offered by the city of Guelph incentivises community stakeholders to invest in rainwater management infrastructure and help save ground water resources. This rebate program is a benefit to the local environment, the communities public infrastructure, and the owners of rainwater harvesting systems. Using a rainwater harvesting system, home owners and businesses can irrigate, garden, flush toilets, and more with rainwater.

The rebate program specifies that the cost of a rainwater harvesting system can be reimbursed for $0.10/Litre in storage capacity in one of two tiers; upto $400 for seasonal systems, and upto $2000 for all-season indoor/outdoor systems. To qualify, these systems must be a minimum of 500 Litres, collect water from 50% of the total roof area, water overflow is correctly managed, and a number of other conditions too. All-season rainwater harvesting systems must comply with the Ontario building code and local bylaws.

Terms and Conditions of the Guelph Rainwater Harvesting Systems Rebate program.

Introducting the RainSeeker

The RainSeeker system is a hassle-free solution for harvesting rainwater; this system comes pre-assembled, and includes a prefilter, calming inlet, skimming overflow, an optional pump, and all the fittings. The system is designed to the highest standard of rainwater harvesting specifications, and is eligible for the 'Rainwater Harvesting System Rebate' offered by the city of Guelph, Ontario.

RainSeeker systems are available for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications making rainwater harvesting accessible to everyone. RainSeeker systems are shipped fully assembled, only requiring placement and installation.

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